BNBS,Inc., as we know it was founded when Jerry Spears, a former District Manager of several locations of Moore Business Forms and a former Vice President of International Graphics Industries in Little Rock, purchased stock in Bank & Business Systems and opened a branch of that company in Little Rock. That branch was started on July 1, 1981 with Jerry working out of his home with his wife, Donna, being his inside support staff. After the first month in business, an office location was secured and another experienced sales person, Dianne Aguiar was hired to start work in the Little Rock office. Within a couple of months, the company could afford to hire other inside staff and 6 months later Donna was able to go back home and work part time for the company and continue her full time job as a homemaker.

The first year was a very successful year for the Little Rock branch but it also became somewhat problematic for the parent company as the other shareholders felt that they were being somewhat limited in their ability to grow their other business segments because LR’s sales success created cash flow problems with their high receivables. A mutual decision was made that Little Rock would break away from the Bank n Business corporate structure and become a separate company.

On August 1, 1982, a new company was formed as an independent corporation with new owners consisting of Jerry Spears & Dianne Aguiar. The name of the new corporation was BNB Systems, Inc. d/b/a Bank and Business Forms. This company focused on providing office supplies, computer supplies, and printed products for businesses in the Little Rock area and surrounding communities. The growth for the new entity continued strong and by the next August, Bank & Business asked the two other owners to purchase their share of the company. They felt it would be simpler for them to be involved in only one company and the remaining owners were happy to do that. By the end of our second year, a Jonesboro, Arkansas office with another partner, Bill Grimes was added. A fourth sales person, Dave Hughes was added in the Little Rock office. This was the start of a company that grew to over $26,000,000 in sales, doing business from 9 offices in 6 states with over 100 employees.

In 1996, B & B was among the first businesses in the print distributor industry to hire a specialist that focused primarily on promotional products, a segment of the business that has grown steadily over the years and is now roughly one third of its business. By 1998, BNBSystems, Inc., being very successful  with a varied product line in Business to Business sales and a strong record of growth, was recognized as a leader in the print / distribution industry. They were annually listed among the top 10 print distributors in sales volume. In that year several companies started looking at the industry and felt that there was an opportunity to consolidate some of the larger distributors into a “Brand” and eventually either take their company public by doing an IPO or sell the new “Brand” to a large publicly owned company. Several companies looked at BNB Systems with a couple making offers for the purchase of our company. They finally received an offer that they felt was right for its company in that BNB would be the company being used as the platform company to add “roll up” companies into its structure. The offer was accepted, and Global Docugraphix Inc. was formed with Graham McLean, an industry veteran executive, being the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Global Docugraphix grew to be a company with sales of $140,000,000 and over 300 employees. Global had successful growth but the growth was realized through purchasing companies with debt. This practice made it impossible for Global to fulfill their financial obligations and were forced into bankruptcy.

During the last week of July, 2006, Jerry Spears along with 8 former GDX employees, formed a new company to purchase the remains of the old BNB Systems, Inc. at the GDX bankruptcy auction held by the bankruptcy court in Dallas, Texas on August 1, 2006. BNBS, INC. was successful in purchasing much of the former BNB Systems and started the new company with $13,500,000 in sales and approximately 50 employees. The growth of the new company since that time has been good and it is again among the top companies in the print distributor segment of our industry.

B&B Solutions, the dba that BNBS, Inc. now operates under, is a multi-faceted company with its own in-house design staff, a screen-print operation with all new equipment, in-house embroidery, wide format printing, promotional products sales, print and digital marketing services, extensive digital printing capability and software capable of handling internet ordering and all company store functions. B&B has several company-operated warehouses, and they operate a fleet of company-owned delivery vehicles. They also utilize public warehousing and hired delivery companies where it does not have company facilities. They are proficient in providing signage along with installation in large retail facilities, especially in the food industry.

As our ‘tag line’ indicates, we are “For All Things Business”

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